Middle-click hold selection

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    I want to know, there is any chance to change middle-button behavior? I use the graphic tablet and start scrolling with held middle-mouse. It's useful to hold button, move the pen, and release after. But in Vivaldi, holding middle-mouse works like a left mouse button, and select everything under the cursor.

    Thank you!

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    @m-o-z-g said in Middle-click hold selection:

    It is a known bug, and will fixed in due course.

  • @m-o-z-g It's one of those very difficult bugs that takes weeks and months to fix... it's low priority because fixing other bugs is easier. (even funnier when you look at the bugs they've fixed since this broken behavior was introduced and reported) <Sarc> basically I can only guess someone in the dev team thinks [mmb] should select page content when held down... they want it as a feature.

  • Hello there,
    Is there any progress on fixing this bug? Current behaviour of middle-click + hold + scroll result is very bothersome.

    Kind regards!


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