Vivaldi Nasty Bug is back

  • In the past, and I mean when Vivaldi was still in Alpha I complained that Vivaldi was not adding the browser name to the tabs on open pages. Some programs can't work with Vivaldi, like password manager, automation, etc. or anything that needs to identify a Windows from the browser or even a site in a tab. Because if you have two browsers with the same page title, you should know which one to pick. Even using Alt-Tab features can be messed up.

    Vivaldi then fixed this, but suddenly I noticed several software that rely on targeting a specific page or the browser are not working anymore with Vivaldi. I was not sure why they stopped working but my logic told me they could identify Vivaldi correctly from all the open softwares. Then it hit me. For my surprise, Vivaldi removed the name from the software again.

    Example, this is how this page shows in windows:

    Chrome. The Title shows as:
    Vivaldi browser for Windows | Vivaldi Forum - Google Chrome

    On Edge:
    Vivaldi browser for Windows | Vivaldi Forum ‎- Microsoft Edge

    Vivaldi browser for Windows | Vivaldi Forum

    See the problem here?

    It should be:
    Vivaldi browser for Windows | Vivaldi Forum - Vivaldi

    This is a bad flaw, and it breaks many things on Windows that work fine with other browsers.

    Please add back the - Vivaldi to the end of each tab or window.

  • Moderator

    Feature request is old and already known
    VB-5401 add " - Vivaldi" to the window title

  • @gwen-dragon It was working fine for over a year now and just recently seems they removed it again.


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