[Resolved] My webmail doesn't send or receive mail

  • Hi, I have an vivaldi.net webmail account which I can log into fine, but it doesn't seem to send or receive any mail. It doesn't give any error messages. The emails I write go into the 'Sent' folder but they don't reach their destination, or bounce, and also none of the emails I send to the @vivaldi.net address are received. I have no received emails in there at all, not even in spam, only the ones I wrote that went into the 'Sent' folder.

    Can anybody help? I hope this isn't the wrong place to post this issue, I couldn't find anywhere else to get help.

  • hi raz
    only a few minutes later and raz is not signed-in. did the raz ebox receive a "confirmation for raz" email from vivaldi? new account? was it previously working and stopped? new and never worked? we sent to the raz ebox a test email. did raz ebox get the email?
    try the both interfaces react equivalent?

    okay raz... thirty minute update: no raz ebox probably did not get the test email because it is happening with i_ri too. nothing coming into the email box for past thirty minutes of trialing. wonder how long this will continue. did we miss an announcement? of outage?

    oh my... this can prompt a feature request for a "status" link for email and for forum and for user blog

  • @i_ri Hi sorry I went to cook dinner. No emails received at all and none sent have arrived. I've tried the other interface and it's the same.

    This is a newish account but I wonder if there might be problems related to the Cloudflare hack that happened a short while ago. Before that I had signed up with the username 'razz' because there was a 4-character minimum on the username. Then that Cloudflare leak happened and they changed something to where I was unable to log in or reset the password. It got annoying because I was going around in circles, so I eventually just tried a new account 'raz' which surprisingly this time was accepted. So I was all happy until I realised it wasn't actually working. I don't think it has been working at all since day one, I haven't successfully sent or received an email with it yet.

  • hi raz z z z z
    I don't know how many zs you wanted originally. minus the past of your ebox You made me discover that Mine is not functioning either. sleeping mailboxes.
    Another post about this .. did show up... we are not the only ...
    Gwen-Dragon is informed (and victimized by) of this and will pursue. Gwen-Dragon' first response is to give it a few hours. okay.
    so, raz, when i find mine working again i will be glad to help test raz ebox with you.

  • Having the same problem. Multiple other threads now on it, since there's no specific place to put it.

  • @TbGbe Gwen-Dragon picked up on it in the "Vivaldi_.net email" thread; responding to Munin_. then Ayespy in another. now You. significantly shared at this point. it looks like it was about four patient hours before raz reported the outage. Looks like We are a patient bunch.

  • FYI same here, Didn't receive any email. and its not send out too

  • Moderator

    At this point, the company founder is on the case. I suspect it will be cared for.

  • Moderator

    And now the lord high priest of webmail is on it, so I'm confident all will be well. Of course he had to be gotten up in the middle of the night to attend to it, so y'all owe him some coffee.

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    Mail is reported fixed,

  • @ayespy can confirm everything is working on mine now and the emails I sent to it earlier have arrived. Thanks so much!

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    @raz No thanks necessary. All I did was ring a bell.

  • Thank you mechanics. Sorry if the hours of dysfunction were not convenient for the mechanics and for the Group affect of Users. For the mechanic, Ayespy ordered up coffee, or now that it is repaired, your choice of beverage. Some users required to catch-up on emails will be the ones needing the coffee. While raz gets the First to report badge in our book. Thanks to raz for gathering tests and well-expressed, accurate reporting of the email failure. A filter clogged. server coagulation. Tony is relieved this one was not pinned on the lavaballs. Tony can strike the happy it is working again pose, like the snapshot pose. And Tony is serving the beverages. Cheers.


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