FB newsfeed image - page load bug

  • Greetings!
    I would like to seek some help regarding an issue in my Vivaldi browser. Both of my computers experience the same phenomenom and it can be described as followed:

    1. Facebook newsfeed > click on image/article > image opens in a small preview window as it should, with the possibility to comment, etc.
    2. Immediately afterwards the whole page in the background starts to refresh, reloading everything from the start.
    3. The clicked image/article is displayed in both the preview window and the background, as if I had opened it with the "Open in new page" button.

    I did not find any such error reported, nor did I find any settings that might influence this, so I would highly appreciate any kind of help.

    p.s.: No addons installed, Kaspersky Internet Security suite running. Replicable on two seperate computers. Ver: 1.12.947.3 (Hivatalos verzió) (64 bites)

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    Do you have such Facebook URL which can seen without a account?

  • https://www.facebook.com/szukitshu/photos/a.496733750348924.114282.273712559317712/1580515551970733/?type=3&theater

    Try this link. After it opens, close it and the click on the image on the displayed page again. It always displays the described phenomenom on my instances.

    Included image to clarify what I click.alt text


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