Problems with developer tools

  • After enabling developer tools (F12) I can't click any element on a page. The clicks (or touch events) seems to be off. When you try to click any element some other on different location gets clicked making developer tools basically unusable 😞

  • Moderator

    Works for me with Vivaldi 1.11 Stable and 1.12 Snapshot on Windows 10x64 with my mouse.

    Please, tell us more about your system.

  • Tested both on 1.11 and 1.12 - same issue. I run Windows 10 x64. The only "uncommon" thing I can think of is HDPI display with touch support (Dell XPS with 4k resolution on 200% scaling).

  • Moderator

    Touch screen, Vivaldi has problems with tabelets and touch.

  • I would say touch works pretty well. No Chrome like gestures but basic support is more or less the same as on Firefox. Dev Tools don't work with mouse either. Mouse pointer works fine when Dev Tools are closed so I guess it's not touch related.


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