Vivaldi UI & Webpage Questions

  • Haven't tested this in my Win10 VM's Vs, so for now at least i've narrowed the category to Linux. In the following pics, Snapshot is on LHS, Stable is on RHS. Each is latest version at time of posting.

    1. With ostensibly identical UI Zoom, for a Very Loooooooooong Time, my Stable's UI fonts are clearly smaller than Snapshot's. Why & How? I actually much prefer lilliputian rather than brobdingnagian aesthetics, so would be interested in my SS UI appearance matching my Stable, rather than vice versa. Ideas pls?



    1. Can someone pls point me to a / some webpage/s which do respond to V's webpage font-face settings? None of my usual sites seems to take any notice of my fonts, regardless of which i try [including some deliberately outrageous selections].


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    @steffie On mine, on Win10, my UI zoom on Stable and Snapshot are the same. I will try on Mint later.

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    @steffie OK - so I tried it on Mint. The UI's zoom the same.

  • @ayespy Ooh, very interesting! Ta.

  • I copied my Stable's Default folder for safety [Stable was closed, duh], deleted its Preferences file, launched Stable, entered Settings & manually returned those individual settings that were now back at default, to my preferences. UI font then instantly returned to Lilliputian, as before. Yes this was not a full profile clean, but currently i have neither time nor inclination to do that.

    Later today / evening i will repeat the above minimal test in SS... with great curiosity.

    Am still also curious in the font-face oddities...

  • I've just repeated the procedure with Snapshot. Lilliput Rulz [along with Linux too, of course]. So clearly it is something that is dodgy in my "normal" Preferences file that was "locking" the UI fonts larger than they should have been. It's odd though, coz in all other ways my V-SS has been performing quite magnificently for longer than i can remember, ie, the last time that something went unambiguously wrong that caused me to have to fully clean my Profile, was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the dim past. How strange to have now indirectly discovered this solitary Preferences corruption.

    Sadly to now continue enjoying my Lilliputian UI in SS, the same as it's long been in Stable, i now have to reinstall all my Extensions, & Passwords. Sigh. No pleasure without pain...


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