• I'm having a wonderful experience with Vivaldi so far. So, thank you! I know everyone thinks their feature request should be at the top of the heap but that doesn't stop me from adding mine. I'm older and my eyes are not the best! Is there any way you could fast lane more view options? The fonts, tab bar sizes, icons, menus, etc. are all difficult for me to navigate. I also have Essential Tremors which means the larger my icon target the better my chances of getting to the right place. I know that I can change the overall Windows settings but that always has unpleasant implications. And, the page zoom settings offer some help but don't solve everything. On the "old" Opera I would always find skins with the largest icons. Thanks for considering. I'm sure there must be others in the same situations as I/me. Peace! B)

  • use the Zoom bar, extreme lower right

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    use the Zoom bar, extreme lower right

    OP said, "… the page zoom settings offer some help but don't solve everything." Further, OP has essential tremors - which it seems would make the zoom bar nearly impossible to use, because it requires such a fine touch.

  • Thanks for the suggestions but… yes the page zoom can help but, it's only going to help with the web page content not menu's tabs, etc. The problems I have usually aren't with the web page content. That's usually larger and easy to change. But all the navigation, settings etc remain with the default settings. Actually, since the old Opera died, I'm not sure there are any browsers that allow these kind of tweaks. I suspect that developers are usually young people with good vision and no tremors. I understand and accept that I'm just asking for some reasonable accommodation. This isn't a deal-breaker, I'm still down with Vivaldi. Thanks for trying to help.

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