Problem with focus in new tab

  • Context menu "Open Link in New Tab" switches focus to the new tab. I hate it, because then I have to search where is my originating tab. I accept that some users like the current implementation. We need an option to control if the new tab should get a focus or not.
    Current approach in Vivaldi in very inconsistent.
    Instead of making "Open Link in New Tab" configurable you have added "Open Link in New Background Tab". The users who prefer opening without switching a focus are forced to look for this menu item EACH TIME. Because in other browsers they don't have to read, they don't have to search. They now: just select the top most item.
    So your approach with providing both menu items is bad.
    And Ctrl+Click is not always the option.

    I suggest:

    • Remove "Open Link in New Background Tab"
    • Make switching focus in "Open Link in New Tab" configurable
    • It is fine if you keep default as it is now: switching the focus

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    @mentallurg said in Problem with focus in new tab:

    Current approach in Vivaldi in very inconsistent.

    Your approach to making feature requests is bad. It is a simple request that has been made before. Search for it, and upvote it. There is no need to start a new thread showing how much hate you have.

    I suggest adding a properly worded feature request, formatted to be easy to understand.

    Option to change the default behaviour for opening a link

    Currently, links open in a foreground tab by default. Make an option to change the behaviour to open links in the background by default for those who prefer it.

    Ctrl+Click is not always the option.

    There is also middle-click, and a mouse gesture.

  • The latest feature requets thread can be found here: Have a look and see if this suggestion exists, or else add it yourself. Keeping things organised in this manner will make it easier for the devs to understand new feature requests.

  • @mentallurg said in Problem with focus in new tab:

    And Ctrl+Click is not always the option.

    Indeed, you can also middle click. It takes one minute to learn the possibilities the tool offers; I agree that more options are welcome, but also a bit of will to learn what's already available doesn't hurt.

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    There's another issue in that not all links are set to open in the current tab — some have the target set to "New Window."

    Single-click will sometimes open a link in a new foreground tab because that's how the site was designed.

    I think you will find that many of us who switched to Vivaldi because we were Opera users for many years before it changed hands got used to the current behaviour, and for us, that is what we expect.

    As @ayespy said in Option of opening a new tab [via right-click] without switching into the new tab:

    I personally used the old version of Opera starting in 1999, and grew used to that

    My workflow is typically to open a new tab, read it, then immediately close it when I am done with it.

    If I follow a link that opens in the current tab, I use the Back mouse gesture to resume where I left off. I don't open a whole bunch of tabs for reading later. If I do need to do that, then I use middle-click.

    The right-click menu is the last resort because it is so much slower.

  • The way I typically open BG tabs is with a mouse gesture that way I don't need to faff around with the keyboard or menus.


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