Yet more opinions on FOSS V vs non-FOSS V.

  • Re: Why is Vivaldi not under a free license ?

    Came across this ... & its response.

    Apparently there's no reassuring or persuading some people.

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    OpenSoftware discussion is nice but is not usable with Vivaldi as Flash or Widevine is not OpenSource at all.
    Alle these who think Mozilla is better at privacy should know that Moz is a US company/foundation which runs under US homeland+cia+fbi laws which are less good for privacy.
    If NoOSS means non-trustable, and this is a problem for users, these should talk about their CPU firmware or their USB devices's or printer firmware, which is not OpenSoftware, too.

    I like FreeOpenSource, but that is a Linux-only problem for most of us.

    No, i dislike this oversized religious discussion from Linux addicts.

    PS: I do not use BSD Linux, so i am a capitalist and destructor of freedom and privacy. 🐲 😛

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    As nice as it would be to have FOSS everything, more important is how the company is run. FOSS doesn't mean squat if the company doesn't really believe in it. Look at android. Technically, it's FOSS, but Google treats in a very closed manner and tracks the users to the N-th degree.

    Vivaldi on the other hand isn't FOSS, other than making attempts to open source (open tech like html, js + making some of the source available). But more importantly it listens to users and treats them right, and I think I value that a lot more.


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