Search suggestions not working on Google

  • I am not sure that this is a Vivaldi issue, but since I did not encounter it so far in other browsers, I am posting it here.
    The Search suggestions on the Google Homepage stopped working. I cleared the browser cache and cookies, and the problem was solved, but only for a couple of days, and then it returned. I repeater this process, and again it helped only for a few days. Is this a Vivaldi issue? Does anybody know how to solve this?

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    No activated at install. But you can do it.

    1. Open Settings → Search
    2. Go to section Seearchengines
    3. Select Google searchengine
    4. Hit the Edit icon (Pen)
    5. Copy this:
    6. In second field paste it
    7. Confirm with OK
    8. Go to top of this settings page
    9. Go to section Allow Search Suggestions
    10. Select in which field you want the suggestions
    11. Close Settings

  • Thank you Gwen-Dragon, so far you solution is working.

  • When Vivaldi going to have its own Google search API?

  • @saudiqbal Not any time soon - because the license fee for this is pretty high


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