Do you use Opera Turbo?

  • I use it on the way when on 3G networks with my netbook, for speedup and to save traffic.

  • For slow connections (and mobile naturally) it is an awesome feature! It should be implemented for those who need it. (Slow con.)
    For me it´s not important, because I have a very fast con. But it´s certainly important for users which don´t have high-speed internet.

  • Not a lot.
    Almost only when I'm in Asia.

  • Opera Turbo is actually a good idea, especially for phones. But that's not necessary for a regular browser. I would prefer if they kept the browser with old features instead of Turbo. Only the browser features made me use Opera.

    Opera Turbo can be useful even if you are on fast internet. I use it on two websites (one is DailyMail), which have often a lot of pictures (several MB, e.g. new Flickr had sometimes 30 MB per page).
    I can wait 2-3 seconds for a page to load, but not half a minute or more.
    It's good if you don't care about the pictures, just the article. Sometimes I forget to turn it off.

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    Useful with mobile devices, not a lot now with desktop browsers.
    If needed, I prefer to use Opera Mini on my Windows PC


  • I tried Turbo but my line is pretty fast. I actually found Turbo to be slower. Such as the NY Times where under Turbo there was a delay loading pages.

  • If I'm tethered to my phone I will use Opera Turbo but I don't tether often. Also I heavily use Opera Mini to save data but I guess OBML is a bit different than Opera Turbo.

  • I'm use Opera Turbo on Opera mini Android. And If I'm in the countryside, not in the city. This is a great thing to use in the village.
    With love from Russia! 😎

  • Always because I use my phone as a modem and Turbo helps saving data. I sometimes browse without images too.
    I agree with debbie too that Turbo reliability and performance declined.

  • In large parts of the US (outside cities), not even xdsl is available. You have the choice between dial-up and wireless, and wireless has a monthly maximum.

  • Yes I do use Opera Turbo but only on my phone since on my desktop has I a direct wired connection.

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    From time to time, in airport, for example.

  • When first available I tried Turbo, but I sensed that it empirically felt slower; whereas, it was intended to speed up slow connections. Finally, I turned it off and disallowed it to spawn automatically when sensing slow lines.

  • i do not use it a lot, but it is an extremely important feature in my book. i have gone several months without using turbo, but when i use it, i am extremely glad that it's there.

  • Every day on Opera Mini (smartphone) and often on Yandex Browser (laptop).

  • Ages ago, on dial-up, it was something really helpful. Now I don't use it on my desktop computer, as I'm on broadband. On smartphone it's still useful on certain WI-Fi networks. Also, I believe that it will continue to be of help in case I go on holiday in certain countries with slow connection to the net.

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    for pc not, but I use a lot for tablet/mobile

  • Every day… but only in Opera Classic on my phone when not on Wi-Fi. It just makes things faster for browsing on the move.

  • Seldom, but when I need it I'm extremely happy its there (like when having a crappy mobile internet while travelling).

  • I gather this latest version of Opera/Blink shipped with "Off-road mode" enabled … connecting through their proxy makes my connection slower.

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