Do you use Opera Turbo?

  • Vivaldi Team

    I am curious as to how much use Opera Turbo is getting at this time. It used to be a very useful function to have on slow lines. Connections have been getting faster, but I would not be surprised if there are plenty of lines that are still very slow. Cheers, Jon.

  • I have the impression that it is struggling to get the speed it used to have.I have used it everday at some point until I noticed not much difference in speed when going to certain sites.Now I use it only a few times a week..

  • We haven't had a slow line in maybe 10 years, so I've never touched Turbo (or Off-Road Mode in the new Opera).

  • I use Turbo often because it minimizes the use of data on metered lines. But the quality of the connection via turbo mode has declined in the last few years. Often (probably 30-40% of the time on desktop) I need to turn off turbo mode just to get pages to load.

  • There's no need for it on our fast connection. Today more and more ISPs offer cable and dsl service making this feature relatively meaningless.

  • Only on Opera Mobile, not on Opera Desktop.

  • I use it quite a bit, but irregularly. 3G and 4G is metered, at least here in Sweden, and not that fast or cheap. WiFi connections are irregular as well. Turbo doesn't always help, but when it does it's a boon.

  • I use Opera Mini as my main browser on my smartphone to save data (my FUP is 30MB per week), but I use it only rarely on Opera Desktop. (It is handy when I use tethering or sometimes as a proxy).

  • Sometimes.

    In case I'm on the road and have my laptop with me and using my Cellphone as access point. That way I will not hit my 500MByte/month wall (more will be free, but damn slow: 64kbps; and even here the Turbo will help).

    But usually that won't happen often.

  • I just use Opera Turbo when I need proxy. It provides to open blocked sites 🙂

  • Opera Turbo became very important for me once I started using mobile Internet. It makes GPRS connections usable, saves expensive traffic and makes small data plans (30 MB/month) work…

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I use generally Turbo when I am on holiday or business trip with slow connections on mobile. It is really usefully and profitable as well of course

  • Luckily I don't have a metered connection and my connection is quite fast so I don't use Turbo because it is slower than my normal connection.

    If I do some real speed surfing because I am hunting down information, I am only interested in text anyway. Then I switch everything like plugins, images and scripting off. For me that is the fastest way to surf but the mileage may vary for others.

    Only 5km away from here is a village where the users only can get a 1Mbit/s connection because of technical reasons. There Turbo is a boon - but I have heard they will be connected via LTE in 2 or 3 month …

  • yes when i need a proxy , not for sensitive things of course but to see some pages

  • I'm using off-road in my everyday surfing (and was using turbo with old opera) because I'm on metered mobile connection (hsdpa). I'm not using it to speed up surfing (it's actually faster without off-road) but because of data savings. I burn my 20 GB monthly package very easy :silly:
    I must say, off-road works flawlessly. It is the only shiny thing that keeps me with Opera Blink. Tried couple of other compression proxies, they all sucks (didn't tried google flywheel tho)
    From my experience, off-road is about 20-25% more efficient then turbo.
    There is a new off-road 2 mode in developer channel, and my subjective feeling is that surfing trough OF2 proxies is more snappier and responsive

  • I use it all the times with Opera Mini on my phone. Turbo save more than 90% of my usage and it's of course enabled by default. It save me money and my navigation is significantly faster with turbo on.

    On my desktop browser Turbo is off by default.
    I only use it when I use my phone as a modem. I can't see real difference in navigation speed but it still saves data from my mobile plan.

  • Never on desktop. On mobile it might be usefull.

  • Never, i have a fast connection.

  • Not very often. But sometimes.

    My connection isn't very good. Only about 2Mbps. My usage cap isn't really an issue.

    When my connection is slow, it's usually because someone else is downloading excessively. So, while Turbo helps a little bit, I usually have a latency issue. It takes a long time for the connection to start doing anything, but once it does it's not too bad whether I use Turbo or not.

    But there are definitely times it is useful. And while I don't use data on my phone right now, if I did, I would definitely take advantage of Turbo.

  • With me having Dial Up Internet, you would think I'd be the perfect candidate for Opera Turbo. That said, after trying it out once, I immediately didn't care for it. I don't care for anything that washes out, degrades the quality of images.

    Even more so when it is the images of a Blog Design.
    Heck, probably the straw that broke the camel's back was that even Charlie Brown in my simple Avatar looked like he had freckles and or the measles because of Opera Turbo's work. I immediately went, "Nope. Nuh Uh. No contest. Not up for debate. Opera Turbo's not for me."

    So I don't use it at all.

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