Do you use Opera Turbo?

  • no, i use opendns and when i turn on turbo, i sometimes can't load pages.

  • @biggerabalone:

    no, i use opendns and when i turn on turbo, i sometimes can't load pages.

    I had this problem too but I solved it when I allowed "Proxy/Anonymizer". πŸ™‚ It's one of the categories listed in the web filtering section and you have to make sure it's not blocked/unchecked.

  • NightMayor

    lol, where were you 3-4 years ago when it was frustrating me?:)

  • I never used it on my desktop as it always fast enough ADSL or now a fiber optic connection. On my cell phone I use Opera Mini but that is technically not Turbo but a close cousin.

  • On desktop Opera only for check something from another IP (and another country).
    On mobile can't - Windows Phone…
    On PSP - always -- Opera mini πŸ™‚

  • I use it on slow connections & when using Opera Mini when cell connection is weak/bad

  • iam using yandex browser's turbo which is same as opera's ,it compresses the image files and convert it to webp (without losing quality) which is less of size,iam using turbo because iam on a limited internet plan

  • I use TURBO MODE I deleted Opera but use Turbo in Yandex, Turbo is very important for me, very important!!!!
    I switch ON-OFF-On.. all the time Turbo Mode. because I surf a site where 0 internet knowlled people post a lot of heavy pics like 4000pxX3000px or 1Mb a pic so It's too much time for me waiting. At go out this site switch OFF Turbo Mode and surf free

  • I use the Opera turbo feature all the time. Even with a fast internet connection, when loading galleries or other media heavy sites, it seems to help optimize load times. I find it essential when using Opera Mini on tablets or older smartphones.

    It's not the perfect answer to slow connections or sluggish web servers but it does seam to help more than hinder.

  • @jon:

    I am curious as to how much use Opera Turbo is getting at this time. It used to be a very useful function to have on slow lines. Connections have been getting faster, but I would not be surprised if there are plenty of lines that are still very slow.


    I've used "opera turbo" even before it was introduced.

    I mean that around the year 2000 or so I was an Artera addict, that combined with the unique features of Opera was literally oxygen for the people like me who never used a wired internet.

    The introduction of opera turbo was really a great event for me altough not on par with the ( now defunct) Artera service, on many aspects it was (and still is) really helpful.

    Nowadays the mobile internet is becoming faster and faster, but the bundled data packages aren't on par with the weight of the contents.

    So ABSOLUTELY YES, the turbo function still makes a lot sense in the 4G era.

  • I've been addicted to turbo on my notebook since the very beginning, then gradually stopped using it, as connections got better, but I still use Opera Mini on both my BlackBerry Z10 and on my iPAD mini, everyday, today: I can use a 2GB monthly fee, instead of 5GB.

    I am happy today to personally thank you for the decade I've been using Turbo features of your browsers, that really made the difference, to me.

    With sincere gratitude,

  • Moderator

    I use it on my phone whenever there's no wireless available.

  • I remember when I used to set:

    • javascript OFF
    • images OFF
    • plug-in OFF
    • java OFF
    • CSS OFF

    to load as fast as possible web pages, on my slow dial-up connection.

    When Opera Turbo came out (mobile view SHIFT+F11, actually) came out, it was jawdropping: the web was colored and fully featured!!!

    I am really, really grateful to Turbo.

  • I do not understand what is. πŸ™‚

  • @xankuriko:

    I do not understand what is. πŸ™‚

    Opera Turbo was a service intended to speed up loading of pages on slow connections, which worked by having a server load a page, compress its data, then send the page on to the user, roughly.

    I think if it made a reappearance here the emphasis should shift from being "turbo" to just being compressed; i.e. to advertise it as a means to save data. It was never really "faster" but it was invaluable on metered connections which I think caused a lot of confusion over its intended purpose.

  • @Dr.Flay:

    Due to most ISPs leasing their lines from BT, they always have a poorer connection and speed than BT (oh, I wonder why that could be πŸ˜‰ ).

    I didn't think such things happened in UK

  • - Ambassador -

    on my iphone, yep.

    it saves a lot of data, for sure.

  • Opera Max, looks like turbo2/skyfire blend.

  • NOt ofen. When I use modem and only GPRS or EDGE connection is available. This is not bad feature.

  • i am using it right now, despite it has been like ages, still good. i got some update from apknite to the browser and it run like a champ!

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