Switched from PC to Mac Can Is the "default" folder interchangeable?

  • Just switched from a PC (Windows 10 Creator) to an IMac (Sierra). I have saved the Default folder from Windows. Can I use it and replace the default folder on the IMac version of Vivaldi?

  • I don't know about replacing the entire folder. Some things (the individual files in the base of Default, like Bookmarks and Notes) you can copy over manually. Other things within Default like extension settings may not transfer as easily.

    I would suggest going through and just copying over what you really can't rebuild, so Bookmarks, Notes, History.

  • Extension settings will never transfer. But just try it out. If something goes horribly wrong, you can just delete the Default folder and a new one will be created for you. Nothing bad can happen really.

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    I guess only these files from Default folder ones are really interchangeable on different OS:

    • Notes
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • Cookies
    • Shortcuts

    But i only tried it with Notes and Bookmarks from Windows to to my Linuxes.

    For password storage i use KeePass2 as password database manager, its datbase can be used on Mac, Linux and Win.

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    The reason why password migration from Windows to macOS can't be done just by copying files and transplanting encryption keys is that the platform-specific implementations are different.


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