[Bug?] restarting Vivaldi causes pages to be zoomed in

  • Win7 Pro PC with Vivaldi v1.11.917.43 (Stable channel) (32-bit). Dual monitors on an old nVidia 9800GTX. Text size in OS still at 100% - no scaling going on there.

    I always leave dozens of pages open in Vivaldi when I close it. Often in the middle of different batches of research. Next day, when I open it up again I usually find the pages have been zoomed up in size. To 110% \ 150% \ 210%.

    Not had time to look closely at the pattern of this. I think some pages get double zoomed when left open longer.

    Weird thing is only the last few pages on the right seem to be affected. Very old pages not touched in a while seem to stay at 100%.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

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    @mallen - Nope.

    Are you sure you have not changed any of your default zoom or tab zoom settings in the settings menu?

    And what happens if you refresh your profile?

  • Yes, I also have that problem (for a few versions now, don't know when it started). I also have dual screen, no scaling.
    I'm not sure how to reproduce this. Zoom levels are usually 140% or 160%, with the latest Vivaldi version it seems to have changed to 150%, but I'm not sure.
    I also have the feeling it happens on specific domains, I often witness it at heise.de and metal-archives.com.
    A few weeks ago I submitted it to the bug tracker under VB-30707, but I think the problem is too fuzzy to be addressed properly.

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    @hughmongoose Same questions as I asked the prior user apply to you.

  • Hi,
    I have a backup now which has the problem all the time and could narrow the problem down to "Preferences" file.
    And no, all zoom sliders in the settings are at 100%.

    For testing purposes I set them to 110% - the specific tab is still zoomed to 150% on restart. And I opened several other tabs from that domain ( https://heise.de ), and upon restart all were zoomed to 150%, but none of the other tabs.

  • I removed "www.heise.de":2.223901085741545, from Preferences' "per_host_zoom_levels":{ section before starting. That caused the zoom level to be correctly at 100%. Now the interesting question is how the value got in there in the first place.

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    Perhaps a look in internal page chrome://settings/content/zoomLevels?search=zoom helps.

  • @gwen-dragon
    Thank you. The value for heise.de is indeed 150% in there. Interestingly, other pages in the list with odd values are not affected. When I visit them they are displayed on 100%, also when I leave their tabs open and restart.

    Do you know how and under which circumstances these values are added to Preferences file, and how they should be used? For me, the behaviour seems more or less random.

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    @hughmongoose said in [Bug?] restarting Vivaldi causes pages to be zoomed in:

    Do you know how and under which circumstances these values are added to Preferences file, and how they should be used?

    No, sorry. I do not use the Zoom feature.

    Myself beeing a :older_woman: >50 increased the minimal fontsize for webpages to have better reading experience.

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