Moving extension icons

  • Is there any way to move the extension icons from the top right, next to the search bar down to the bottom right? I've searched online for a few days and haven't found anything.

  • Do you want to move the addressbar to the bottom, or the extensions only? The extensions can't just hover over nothing.

  • I want to move just the extension icons. I envisioned putting them down in the same area as the image toggle, zoom slider etc.

  • If it is possible, it can only be done with a custom modification.

    This would mean almost doubling the height of the status bar, and writing custom javascript code to move the extension icons and probably adjusting their dropdowns. Considering you posted this in "all platforms", I have to ask, if you'd even be willing to run extra code for this. If not just post this as a request in the current official feature request thread and wait for Vivaldi to implement it. Although the chance this will happen is very low.

  • I can post it as a feature request. I did just guess at which portion of the forums would be best to post and figured all platforms was a good general place to ask. I'm sorry if this wasn't the proper spot. Firefox has an extension to add an addon bar at the bottom, and I was hoping that Vivaldi would have something similar whether it be built-in or a similar addon. The main Vivaldi webpage talks about how much customization it has, so I was hoping this was one of the customizations available.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • Your post is on the right forum board. To answer your question clearly: It isn't possible to set this in current Vivaldi.

    If you want something to be done about it, and as said, the chance is very slim, post it as feature request.

    I just added that it is likely possible to do this as a custom modification, and that's your best bet, if you want this feature. Repost on this forum board
    if you are willing to modify your Vivaldi app.


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