Pinned Tabs Cannot be Stacked

    1. Pin some tabs
    2. Select them all with Ctrl + Click, or Ctrl + Shift + Click
    3. Right-click on the selection and select "Tab Stack from Selection"

    Nothing happens.

    Try the other way:

    1. Stack some tabs
    2. Select them
    3. Right-click and pin them

    Works as expected. One ends up with a single icon for the pinned tab-stack.

    Reported as (VB-32318) Pinned Tabs Cannot be Stacked.

    I wonder what others think about this. I thought stacked tabs could not be pinned, but they can.

  • Well, I tried it and couldn't get the pin option on already stacked tabs. Don't know if I'm doing it right... Either way I consider it a useful option and would use it if I could.

  • Moderator

    @durtro You can only do it with a keyboard shortcut. Already-stacked tabs can be pinned if you do them in the order they appear in the stack, if you have them moved next to the pinned tabs, and if you formulate a "Pin tab" keyboard shortcut and use it to do the pinning. This is an oddity in the code, not a documented feature. As to "official" features, there's no way to pin stacked tabs or stack pinned tabs. I've been complaining about that for about two years.

  • There's something buggy in the code, but using a shortcut is reliable.

    0_1504289016583_Stacked and Pinned.png

  • @ayespy I said nothingk, nothingk [imagine a Sergeant Schultz intonation], but it looks like the secret is out, eh?

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    @steffie I'm not the first to let that cat out of the bag. I saw it in the forums, posted by a user, a few weeks ago.

  • @ayespy Ooh, i hope that wasn't moi. I did try to be a good girl...

  • For me this never worked, you and I even mentioned this at some point in the resource requests ...

    With me it only works this way, it was even one of my requests ... With these same words...

    A more practical way of pinned stacked tabs.
    I use ctrl + shift + F to do this.
    First I make the stack of tabs and then I go in each tab that is inside the stack and I make the combination ctrl + shift + F.
    That was the only way I found to stack fixed tabs.

  • Moderator

    @juniorsilva30 Same here - but the shortcut for tab-pinning I decided to create was ctrl+alt+P

  • @ayespy ended up doing it with quick commands. Also pin/unpin does not have a default binding and since I rarely use the feature (the pinned tabs are always the same) I left it that way.


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