Passwords moving from Chrome to Vivaldi

  • When I first activated Vivaldi I recall allowing it to access Chrome's password file. Does Vivaldi now have its own password file in case I remove Chrome?

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    @bartinva Vivaldi has its own password file. I don't know how it would "access" Chrome's file. When it imports data, it makes its own version of the data. It does not make ongoing use of any data in any other browser's files.

  • Thanks. Maybe I was mis-remembering it as "access" when it may have simply asked if I wanted to import the Chrome password file.

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    @bartinva That sounds likely.

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    @bartinva Google Chrome stores a key in the macOS Keychain to encrypt and decrypt data in its secure information store. The prompt that you saw requested permission for Vivaldi to access the "Chrome Safe Storage" key. Vivaldi also uses that same key for encrypting and decrypting its own data.

    If you're curious, you can use the Keychain Access utility to view the Access Control list for that key value.

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