Vivaldi Downloading in Background?

  • Often when browsing and web pages (seem to have) loaded, Vivaldi seem to be continuing to download data (according to Network Monitor). As soon as Vivaldi is closed, the downloads stop.

    Note that I'm not downloading any specific files/programs at the time.

    I understood that Vivaldi does not update automatically (in the background). So what is being downloaded?

    Windows 7 32 bit and Vivaldi version 1.11. . . (latest 32 bit version).

  • Moderator

    @meeshu Tab content, one assumes.

  • Meaning data still being downloaded for open web page even though web page appears to be fully opened?

  • Moderator

    @meeshu Yes, or being downloaded for other tabs you are not looking at, or both. For instance, if a video is playing (including an unwanted ad or whatever) then your "fully opened" page will be downloading that data.


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