Longer videos(mp4) issue.

  • The video start, then stop after few seconds.
    Using https://9gag.com/video as test, you can't watch longer videos after a time browsing in Vivaldi (tested with Vivald, Opera, Edge and Chrome, this error only occur in Vivaldi).

  • Moderator

    @vipperland Can not reproduce this.

    Which video?
    Which Windows version?
    Which Vivaldi version?

  • Sorry,

    Windows 10
    Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 (Stable channel) (32 bits)
    extensions: AdBlock Plus Extension

    The video plays only few seconds and freeze (can be any video, in any site), this error occur at random on longer videos (60 seconds+) and after a while browsing (don't need multiples tabs open), maybe this can be a issue with the browser cache.

    I had this error several times in the past (2yr ago), then I uninstalled Vivaldi, went to Opera and now I'm trying Vivaldi again, but this error persist and it can be very annoying if you are developing a webapp with runs video in the background.

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    I can't see such problem on my 1.11.917.43 x64 Win 10x64.

    Did you try without AdBlock+?
    Any antivirus or security tool running?
    Overclocked GPU or CPU or RAM?

    Try Enable of flag in vivaldi://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode for a test.


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