All History Gone When Vivaldi Restarted!?

  • Running Windows 7 32 bit, with Vivaldi.1.11.917.43 recently installed.

    Typed in address bar several web site addresses, and also visited several websites, and saved some logins (passwords) for some sites also.

    Exited Vivaldi. Disconnected from internet for awhile, then reconnected to the internet. Restarted Vivaldi, but Vivaldi started up again as though it had just been installed! It asked for panel and tab locations, and background image again!?

    Also, all typed web site addresses, and passwords had disappeared!? It was as though the entire history (cache and cookies) had been deleted!?

    I didn't delete anything from Vivaldi, at least not intentionally.

    What's going on here? Why had ALL Vivaldi history disappeared?

  • Just to check: Are you runnng in private mode somehow, that will cause all data to be erased.

    Also, you could try and see if a profile refresh helps. Info on how to do that is here:

  • It also sounds as if when you restarted the system and Vivaldi, for some reason Vivaldi might not have been able to find your user folder at its earlier location, so it recreated a new default one for you, possibly in a different location. That original user folder contains all your browser history, extensions, bookmarks, customizations, etc. Possible reasons might have to do with how/where Vivaldi was originally installed or file/folder/account-permission issues in the OS settings.

  • I checked the "profile", and there was only the 'default' one. I checked the log under the default folder and there were only entries for sites visited AFTER I restarted Vivaldi. The previous sites visited prior to restarting Vivaldi were not listed. So the previous sites and passwords etc were completely missing!?

    I looked at the "refreshing" profile procedure, but since there is no other entry under Appdata for Vivaldi, I don't see the point of carrying out that refreshing procedure.

    Note that my computer was not restarted, only the internet connection and Vivaldi were restarted.

    It is suspected that either -

    1. there's a bug in this latest version of Vivaldi, or

    2. I may have accidentally hit a key/mouse combination which might have deleted all Vivaldi history (cache, cookies etc)?, or

    3. maybe both above?

    At the moment Vivaldi seems to be working without issue after restarting.

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