Problem with slow loading

  • I don't know why, but a lot of times Vivaldi is getting slow on loading web pages. What I mean is that it tries to load a site, you wait, you see the green light on the address bar that tries to load, and after a few seconds it fully loads it. It does that in a lot of websites while other browsers doesn't do that.

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    Give us more information, please.
    May be a problem
    • with antivirus or other security tools.
    • with extensions.

  • Sorry for my late reply. I don't have an antivirus installed on my Windows 10 laptop (only the Microsoft's Defender) and I have 15 installed extensions. I have reinstalled Vivaldi and still the same problem with no bookmarks or extensions whatsoever. I also used the Developers version and still the same problem.

    Last but not least, I installed Vivaldi on a friend's desktop and it has the same problem.

  • The first thing I would do is.. clean out the cookies, history and cache. CCleaner should suffice.
    The second thing I would recommend is.. get an antivirus program. ******** it if you can't afford it.
    NOD32 IMO is the best for too many reasons to mention. I can't elaborated anymore on Vivaldi as I am new and both my Stable and SnapShot are smoking fast. Computers in general tend to slow down with time if you install a lot of software. Other computers and laptops tend to slow down due to cheap basic components, such as cheap, mother board, processor, lack of RAM. Bloatware is another thing to stay away from. But a pc without an anti v, is like a gigolo with out a life time supply of condoms. Malware/viruses will slow your computer down. I don't know what your situation is but I wish you the best of luck.
    PS. ATM I have 11 extensions and all is still good and my browsing experience is even faster than before.

  • @magichimp said in Problem with slow loading:

    ****** it if you can't afford it.

    Please, refrain from giving such advices.

  • To make a note about the previous advice:

    CCleaner should suffice

    I would advise against using such software if it's just to clear out the web browser. Going to the history tab of the start page and clicking the little brush icon will let you do all this without having to put your faith in a random 3rd party program.

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    @ian-coog said in Problem with slow loading:

    @magichimp said in Problem with slow loading:

    ****** it if you can't afford it.

    Please, refrain from giving such advices.

    I removed the advice and contacted user.

  • Hi, as reinstalling does not remove or clean your profile I would recommend to rename your profile directory (Path is in Help > About).
    If you have an Anti-Virus software uninstall it for testing.
    Many user report slowdown with Avast, ESET and so forth.
    Cheers, mib

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    • AVG Antivirus

    I the past i had problems with it, slowing down on compressed data streams and breaking HTTP headers.
    I uninstalled it and Vivaldi (and Opera 12) was acting fine.

  • I have a pretty decent laptop with Intel Core i5 6200U 2.3GHz, 8GB of RAM and a pretty good SSD. It's not my laptop's speed, and I did a fresh format of Windows 10. I never use Antivirus programs because I don't trust them and I never had any problems with viruses or malware as I am a careful user.

    I don't use 3rd party programs like CCleaner and I have already cleaned the browser's cookies, history, download history and so on.

    Here's a great example: As a blogger I use WordPress as my main blogging platform. If you click to see a preview of your unfinished article, it will instantly open a new tab and load the article. If you click again to refresh the tab by clicking on the preview button, it will take a few seconds for Vivaldi to "understand?" what I did and refresh the tab. This is just an example, but it's a good one as non of the other browsers does that. Something similar happens a lof of times in other websites.


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