Unexpected behavior with Bookmark panel

  • Today i installed Vivaldi technical preview on my Ubuntu Utopic unicorn and tired it for some time and i am in love with it.. This browse is truly made for us ( You , Me and Community)... though it needs some work done as it evolves but it is clean , fast and promising... After trying it for some time , i came across some issue which i am not sure if is a bug or some minor configuration issues. 1. Bookmark Panel Whenever I click Control key (left hand side control key on my keyboard) , whether be it with in combination with other key or just control key, Vivaldi opens the Bookmark panel and it is weird because of following reason [ol] [li]i am using default navigation shortcut (vanila), [b][u]no change [/u][/b] and shortcut key for bookmark panel is F6 on my machine [/li] [li][b][u] distort and distracts view[/u][/b] : when ever it opens bookmark panel , Vivaldi adjust the responsive layout of a webpage and it creates distraction [/li] [li] The[b] [u]right side control key [/u][/b]works as expected ..no issue with that other key[/li] [li] inside the bookmark bar .whenever i click on some category (folder) to expand url inside it ..it expands but then i can not un expand it , it [b][u]never collapses[/u][/b] [/li] [/ol] has any one came across such issue with Vivaldi ? I have searched for thread similar to my issue but could not find any, if any such thread is present point me to that thread and i will close this thread to avoid duplication Note: I am Running Ubuntu 14.10 (64 bit) and Vivaldi technical preview 2. i am using Logitech ultra slim keyboard with two control key ( each on either side of the space-bar key) Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/35245/Screenshotfrom2015-03-08163755.png[/img]

  • Not seeing that here …

  • After few Machine restarts and fresh installs ( also removing content from ~/.config/vivaldi folder ) , issue is now resolved

    Bookmark panel is now working as expected..


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