Adding a Bookmark Folder to the "V Bar"

  • Hi, folks. A brand-new user here, so here comes the first of what will be many baby questions.

    I have imported my bookmarks from Firefox and have put a folder of them on what I'll call the V Bar: the bar that comes with News, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and so on. Now, how do I extract some sub-folders or individual bookmarks from my newly imported bookmarks and put them on the V Bar? Right-clicking isn't doing anything, nor is dragging. Thank you, I'll try be a fast learner.

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    @mitchnf You can't do operations within folders on the Bookmarks Bar yet. HOWEVER, you can simply go to the bookmarks panel and do it there, and it will be reflected on the bar.

  • @mitchnf
    If you press <CTRL> + <B> this will open the bookmarks tab. You can drag and drop there to arrange your bookmarks. What you refer to as the V Bar is called the Bookmarks Toolbar on the bookmarks tab.

    You can also bring the bookmarks tab up from the Vivaldi menu on the top left of the browser. Click the V then Tools, then bookmarks.

  • @blkhawk Bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks tab? What are these things? We have the bookmarks bar and that's it. On the bookmarks bar are bookmarks and/or folders. And I wonder how OP should click the V icon on osx. You are replying to the mac forum.

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    @luetage Bookmarks page ("tab") aka Bookmarks editor is not available from the Start Page top bar on Mac? There is no Bookmarks Panel on Mac? How can this be?

  • @ayespy Of course there is the bookmarks page, but I never read anyone calling this a "tab". And there is a bookmarks panel, but if he was referring to it as toolbar, then this is just confusing. I thought he meant there is supposed to be a toolbar on the bookmars bar....

    My mac remark was solely about clicking the V icon, which simply doesn't exist on osx.

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    @luetage Yeah. I'd never heard it called "tab" either, but I recognized what was meant. The Bookmarks Bar is eligible to be referred to as the "Bookmarks Toolbar" as it is a toolbar of sorts.

    But for my part, when it comes to editing bookmarks, the most natural and intuitive interface for me to use is the Bookmarks Panel - so that's what I use. But as long as we keep our terminology straight, I don't think there should be too much confusion.

    If, for real, there is no "V" menu button available in Mac (only the horizontal menu bar) that would be good for me to know - as I don't own any Apple devices. And that menu operation is the same between Windows and Linux, both of which I do run.

  • Thanks, folks. I can take it from here.


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