Creating an installer with extensions and add-ons pre-loaded.

  • After introducing vivaldi to the t1's of the company i work for it's grown in popularity among them as their primary browser. We are also trying to get a bit fancier with our use of Active Directory as well and was curious if it is possible to build a custom installer that has a pre-set of extensions and add-ons built into that we can distribute to all of our users? Is this even possible to begin with and what sort of experiences have other's had trying to accomplish something similar.

  • This is a unique request. You could could create a custom default folder with extensions already built in I suppose.

  • @luetage
    So I suppose if I know where Vivaldi stores things like extensions by default I could just put them in in advanced? I'm guessing by the sounds of this have Vivaldi installed and then have a script that creates or just populates whatever folder the extensions would live in?

  • @midnight_exigent I think so. Find the correct profile path by visiting vivaldi://about/. In the default folder there is a folder called extensions, and this would be the destination folder for your script. Migrating extensions works this way. What doesn't work is migrating the settings of these extensions, but since this is meant for a fresh install, the extensions should be untouched anyway.


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