How to disable built-in media player (eg., .mp3 links)?

  • Hi, I have seen already in forum posts that chrome://plugins/ (or vivaldi://plugins/) is gone, so how can one set preferred external handler programs for media types?

    Example: I want to send .mp3/.m3u links to WinAmp, not play them in the browser media player. Basically, where is the advanced MIME-type media handler configuration?

    ..and if someone says there's no way, consider this a request to put that (back) in. I hate built-in browser media handlers: PDF, MP3, all of them. Give me the control to use my preferred programs for each.

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    @Russtopia I posted the request for earlier wish-list, and just added it for this one so that people can vote for it again.

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Support for MIME Types


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