F1 shoud be for Help

  • F1 should be for help, here it opens email. and Help is an important think. for example help webpages about tipes of installations, stand alone? standard root of installation? 32 or 64 bits? and another Ask are in blank. F1=Help Is it a bug? I didn`t report it like a bug

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    F1 is assigned to the Mail Panel in Settings, so that's what should happen.

    However, F1 still opens the mail panel, even if I assigned Ctrl +5 to the mail panel.

    If I assign F1 to fullscreen mode, that's what happens, so maybe the help file is not ready yet so there nothing that F1 could be assigned to? There's no option in settings for Help, and there's no Help option on the Help menu either.

    There wouldn't be much point spending too much time writing help files before the product is at least 90% finished.

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    Yup, that's the thing. There is no help yet.


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