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  • We have a function to search on all forum and search in some categories, but we can't search in one topic.
    It may helps when you're post a message with feature for a new version, and you can't check, if there was something similar before.

  • Moderator

    Restrict the search to the last month to find post about Feature Requests for 1.12. It reduces the number of matching results.

    E.g. Downloads

  • I'd just like to bump this thread as being something very useful. I notice that the forums sub-forum doesn't have a dedicated "vote for a feature request" topic.

  • Moderator

    The Feature Requests thread for 1.12 was started about a month ago, so soon one would have to limit results to the last three months.

    To limit the results more, include words in quotes, e.g. "Bookmarks Bar" to search only for that phrase and not both words. Sort by date will list the most recent results first.

    Search for "Bookmarks Bar"


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