unattended update for Linux apps (Debian)

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    A Debian 8 KDE does not want to update apps silently.
    As a regular server root i know, that i can start apt manually to update all needed.
    But desktop is something different.

    I started kdesudo apper and set check for updates hourly, to update all packages, to install automatically and no to show installation confirm dialog.
    But the problem is that regular updates needs user interaction, so programs like Vivaldi will not update.
    The problem now: It is a PC in a office and it is not usable to force users to enter a sudo password for updates.

    Do i have been trapped into wrong direction using apper to make settings and updates?
    Do i need a handmade cron job for anacron?
    Any advice to get all apps up-to-date without user interaction to keep all safe?

  • @Gwen-Dragon you can configure sudo with nopassw in sudoers, but it is high risk.

    I do task like that as a cronjob.


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    @RocknRolf Thanks for answer of a 100% Linux user. 🙂
    sudoer without passwd is nice on a hobbyist's PC, but not on office work station. Too much risk.

    A cronjob.
    Would be these commands of apt for a safe-upgrade ok:
    apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade --with-new-pkgs
    How do you update & auto-install?

  • @Gwen-Dragon it seems ok for me.

    On my archmachines I do the updates manualy. I am not a fan of automated updates.



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