[Bug] (minor) Dragging tab from old window to second monitor opens new window with tab on the first monitor

  • New to the browser having gone full switch from firefox. I'm really enjoying the browser, but I do have a few gripes with it so far. This one is probably the major annoyance for me at the moment. Being a multi-monitor user, I tend to make multiple windows with various tabs so that I can, for example, watch a youtube vid while browsing reddit on a different monitor. Usually, I'll open a new tab, open youtube and find the vid I want to watch, then drag that tab to the other monitor. In firefox, it works like expected, the new window opens (almost every time) on the monitor that I dragged it to.

    With Vivaldi, however, it always opens on the monitor the tab originated from, making the dragging nearly pointless save to separate the tab from the original window. Then I have to drag it all over again. Granted, pretty minor gripe, but considering the only issues I can find with vivaldi are minor gripes, I'd call that a win.

  • Moderator

    Yes, there are some known, unfixed bugs on multi-monitor PCs with Vivaldi on Windows.


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