1Password-Extension Button "flickers"

  • The 1Password-Button in the extensions area of my browser is "flickering":


    Sometimes his just disappearing and comes back for a second. I'm not able to use the extension. To show you what I mean I made a short video:


    Unfortunately I'm not aloud to upload to the forum, so I had to upload it to Dropbox. I already uninstalled the extension ( and the browser (1.11.917.43) is up to date. Beta version of the extension doesn't fix the problem neither. Never had this issue on Chrome.

  • @cro Did you report the issue to the AgileBits support team? They can be reached at:


    Even if the problem does turn out to be with Vivaldi, your bug report will (hopefully) encourage the 1Password QA team to test their application with Vivaldi.


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