Good bye Vivaldi, for now...

  • I use Vivaldi now since the begin of the year and hope with every update the basic browsing experience is fixed.
    But no! Standard websites like, etc load sluggish, videos dont pay, even is slow. I have Firefox installed and try every website there - way faster and stable (!).
    So for now I say Goodbye to Vivaldi - stop fixing things that are not concerning the basic needs! First catch up to the
    main browsers! Thats my advice to the dev team.

  • Hi, I am on Linux snapshot 1.2 but the 1.1 series was fine for me too.
    The pages you link work flawless and I have no problems on Youtube, Vimeo or other movie pages.
    Did you try >
    I had reset my profile several times over the years.
    I understand if you do not feel like it anymore but give it a try or come back in a few month again.

    Cheers, mib

  • Do you have some extensions installed? Just asking because when opening a website sometimes it takes 2-5 seconds until the website is starting to load. Vivaldi is then just doing nothing...I'm not sure ist extension related or is it Vivaldi it self.

    Never had this kind of issue on Chrome with same extensions and settings.

  • @cro Yes; i have a couple of extensions installed. All these work fine and fast as expected on FF.
    I will come back in a couple of months and see if things have changed.

  • I don't have any problem with any of the sites mentioned. I find Vivaldi much faster than Firefox which seems to have become bloated lately. I have uninstalled it and only use Vivaldi.

  • Can't say I've experienced the issues that the OP has with those sites. That's not to say that the OP hasn't got a problem with those sites in Vivaldi, but it does pose that the problem mightn't be Vivaldi per se, but maybe a corrupt profile, extension issues or something peculiar to the setup with the OP's system. Still, no problem here.

  • As others have already also said, those 3 links also work fine for me in V-SS [which continues to be my default browser, & continues to be excellent for me]. I respectfully suggest that OP's problem is local to OP's pc, & [as first guess] likely to be a V profile needing refresh.

  • @steffie Only Extensions installed are:
    Adobe Acrobat
    uBlock Origin

    All work excellent and smooth in FF / Chrome so I believe its not my PC.

    But if anyone knows who to reset your profile please post it here.

  • @svebjorn Resetting your profile can be found here.

  • I would delete the cache using the clear private data function every now and then. There used to be a "Top Sites" bug where many things would just be messed up like passwords and high disk usage.

    The reset profile would clear out the cache as well since it deletes the entire profile data.

  • For me the version 1.10 was better than 1.11. I get weird graphical glitches and some tabs hang when loading for the first time after a restart more often.
    And I noticed for the first time that something I recently add to the notes went missing which could be a problem earlier but its not a good sign for the current 1.11.

  • @d0j0p Thanks a lot!
    I will give it a last try 😉

  • Moderator

    @svebjorn Ah, now you stay and "no Good bye…"? Nice you try Vivaldi once more 🙂

  • @svebjorn Lol, yep, I hope you decide to stay again!


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