Open Link in New Window now opens teeny window in bottom right of desktop

  • I can hardly manage to grab it so I can drag it up and resize it to something useful. Happened spontaneously the update before last. Vivaldi's nearly non-existent title bar above the tabs (nearly a whole 2 pixels thick!) make it very difficult. The way the new teeny windows position, the free title bar to the right of the tabs (where I'm forced to grab windows, thanks Vivaldi) is off the desktop. Pretty aggravating.

  • Actually it's 12px high but anyhoo, do you have FVD SpeedDial extension installed? I had the exact same problem and once I uninstalled FVD, problem solved. If you're not running FVD then I haven't a clue and I'll be on my way 🀸🏻

  • Moderator

    @skeptic23 Hmm. Can't reproduce that. All of my new windows open full-size, basically at the last size and position that I left any secondary window.


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