show file in download destination folder

  • currently 64bit 1.12.933.3 on debian
    Though this is not the only configuration that has done this:
    in the DOWNLOADs panel after downloading file is looked for the equivalent of Open Containing folder.
    is found upon right-click "Show in File Manager"
    This opens the search for files dialogue. It does not open the filemanager to the downloaded file directory location.

  • Moderator

    @i_ri The option Show in File Manager opens the selected Download folder. It does not highlight the downloaded file.

  • thanks lamarca. I am at fault here. derelict testing; too many machines and not enough notes.
    have upgraded to 1.12.941.3.
    "Show in File Manager" one machine correctly asks to select the file handler (yes more than one present) once selected It opens the fileManager to the folder containing the dowloaded file.
    one machine has sole one file handler It is the machine that opens a file search dialogue window. It does not open the file manager; resultant it does not open the directory folder of the download location. I have seen that note about the file not being highlighted. No care about that. thanks.
    It is just the machine, therefore. certainly can operate without the convenience of the open containing folder in file Manager feature on this machine. oddity, for the notes. It would be some near difference between "spacefm" and "spacefm file search" in this case.


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