Thumb nails in speed dials.

  • Hi, I have transferred all my bookmarks and speed dials from Chrome to Vivaldi 1.11.917.43 . The problem I have is the speed dial thumb nail pictures do not stay visible with the imported speed dials from chrome. When I first imported them I went through each one and did a "refresh" which displayed all the thumb nails in the imported speed dials, however, when restarting Vivaldi all the imported speed dials were grey!!

    How do I get the imported speed dials to keep their thumb nails??

    I used Xmarks to import all bookmarks.


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    @jb2017 I can't account for your problem. The thumbnails are stored in a whole different file from the bookmarks (a file called Top Sites) and are stored at the time when you make your refresh of the speed dials. This file in Vivaldi is agnostic as to whether bookmarks were imported or or not. The fact of not saving your Speed Dial thumbnails from one session to the next would seem unrelated to the "imported" state of these bookmarks. Do you use any extensions or 3rd party security software?

  • You could try deleting your top sites file (I believe thats where thumbs are stored) and have vivaldi rebuild it, just in case that's providing a problem.

  • Unless you're using custom thumbnails, which are reloaded from the exact path where you're set them up. If you delete the file or move somewhere else, the thumbnail vanishes.

  • Deleting the Top file and replacing with the backup file that showed thumb nails in the imported speed dials seems to have worked for now I will see how things go. Thanks for the replies.


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