1.11 (and later?) order of items in "Search with" changes randomly

  • Is it a known issue that when selecting text on a page, right clicking, and picking "Search with" that the order of search engines presented changes from time to time? It never used to do this.

    Most times it's in the expected order, which is the order shown in Settings (basically, oldest to newest). Other times...it's something else. I don't know what order or why.

  • Try 1.12 snapshots. Now the order of search engines is what you have in settings, plus the last one used gets on top. It's not yet configurable but at least doesn't appear to be random anymore.

  • I reported it as a bug, but I fear that it was an intentional change.

    The last used search engine always moves to the top of the Search With menu.

    This is bad interface design.

  • I have 1.12 on the side, so I'll play with that. The important thing is that the order is consistent, so if it does that then OK (I guess, with the exception of the latest one shifting to the top, which will take some getting used to, assuming that's it's not a bug).


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