Fixing Extension Panel Icons

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    Hello all

    I've got sick and tired of the bug where if you have an extension panel, its icon sometimes disappears and is replaced by either a broken page icon or no icon at all.

    So, I've attempted to make this custom mod (added as a <script> in the browser.html) to try and solve the issue:

    setInterval(function () {
    // Test if panels have been loaded in yet
    var panelSwitch = document.querySelector("#switch");
    if (panelSwitch != null) {
        // Check all panel buttons
        var buttons = document.getElementById("switch").children;
    	for(var i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++) {
            // If they are a user added web view
            if (buttons[i].className.indexOf("webviewbtn") >= 0){
                var icon = buttons[i].children[0];
                // If they have the wrong protocol
                if (icon.src.substring(0, 24) === "http://chrome-extension/"){
                    // Replace with correct protocol
                    icon.src = "chrome-extension://" + icon.src.substring(24);
    // Repeat on sparse interval as I dont know what exactly causes the bug
    }, 10000);

    Hopefully this helps anyone out there with the same problem.

  • There is a pure css approach to this too, just for reference.

    I tried fixing this in devtools btw, and looked at a working and non-working favicon (google translate vs ublock origin). It seems to be fixed by putting chrome://favicon/ in front of chrome-extension://
    eg. chrome://favicon/chrome-extension://cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm/img/icon_16.png

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    @luetage I didn't know about that way, but good to know it exists. My approach is more just to automate the fix of broken icons than to customise them further.


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