Please, add feature, that allows to substitute keyword in named bookmarks

  • In Firefox bookmarks I can use %s, and when bookmark is opening, using nickname, %s become replaced with text, that I entered after bookmark nickname in address bar.

    This is very handy,

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can acheive the same using the search engines
    Add your bookmarked site as search engine and add the %s where you want the text replacement exactly as you do for normal search engine, set a nick name to it and then use nick keyword in address bar.
    Exactly what you're looking for, without the need to add the same feature in bookmarks.

    For example I have set
    nick: s

  • I just learned about the F2 feature which lets me type in the starting letters of a bookmark and go straight to that page without leaving the keyboard.

    I learned how to do something better than Firefox equivalent
    of what I wanted.

    Assign a Nickname to your bookmark
    F2 and then type the nickname.
    The bookmark will load at once.


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