Middle-click scroll incorrectly selecting text (starting with 1.11 stable)

  • I have seen this starting with the first stable version of 1.11. When I middle-click to scroll (without releasing the middle-click) text is select as if I had dragged with a left-click. The page should scroll without selecting text.

    I am not talking about middle-clicking, releasing the click and then scrolling. That still works fine. This is when pressing down and holding a middle-click while scrolling. The benefit to this method is that you don't have to middle-click again to release the scroll lock.

  • Oh for the love of God and whatever is your deity, Vivaldi please fix this end-of-the-world-causing issue or it will be reported thousand times again and again! 😃

  • Moderator

    Known and reported bug.

    Workaround: Do not press the MMB while scrolling. i.e. Klick MMB and move mouse to direction you want to scroll to.

  • I thought this was related to my mouse device but I'm happy to see others also have the issue. I have this forever, at least several versions now. It is so annoying. It always selects at least one letter on a link and it maintains the selection forcing you to unclick to unselect.

  • Is there a chance that this rather old bug might be fixed?

  • it is, in 1.13 snapshot


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