Vivaldi Smooth Scrolling on iMac 5k

  • Hello,

    i installed Vivaldi on my main work pc with MacOS Sierra and scrolling compared to Chrome, Firefox and Safari seems laggy and jerky. In the same time i have Vivaldi installed on the same machine on Windows 10 (boot camp) and every thing is butter smooth.

    Have anyone noticed the same behavior ? I want to use Vivaldi but jerky scrolling makes my eyes hurt after long period of time 😞 Also i tired all chrome extensions for smooth scrolling and they just make situation even worse 😞

    I have also noticed that in vivaldi://flags smooth scrolling is only available on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. Maybe this causes poor scrolling ?

    Any help will be much appreciated....

  • inb4 disable hardware acceleration

  • Thx but no luck 😞


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