Address Bar Off?

  • Hi, I'm very new here (as in, 30 minutes new), and going through the settings, I noticed the address bar could be switched off. It is fairly large so it makes sense to do this if people wanted to get it out of the way when they weren't using it. However, when it is off, there appears to be no way to type a web address (which admittedly, does make some sense). Is there an easier way to toggle it on or off with a keyboard command? Otherwise, I see little purpose in having to go through settings to disable it and then re-enable it when you want to change the page you are on... Perhaps it would be good if Command-L (the default focus addressfield command) was able to turn it on and off when you wanted to type something in?

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    Try quick commands (F2 or ctrl+q)!

    When the OP posted their comment, I looked there and couldn't find anything.

    Do you know of something that will turn on the address bar from the keyboard if it is turned off?

    But while we're talking about settings, BOTH the "window" option and the "show quick commands" option from the V menu show you a list of your tabs, from which you can select one. In fact the latter even has favicons for them. No other browser, AFAIK has such a built-in option to look at a drop-down tab list. You have to install an extension (which stupid Chrome extension authors even refer to as "vertical tabs) for that. Just one more reason Vivaldi will be King of Browsers. The more stuff that can be fit within the basic browser process and not spawn additional ones, the better efficiency we are looking at.

  • Thanks, I hadn't realised that! Hopefully toggling the addressbar will be implemented someday in the future.


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