Entering a slash into the address bar open a local file instead of search request

  • Expected behavior:
    User enters such a request to the address bar: "\github". If he has duckduckgo search engine, it will redirect the request to the search engine as it is. The slash at the beginning is a command for duckduckgo to open the first search result instead of displaying all of them. So it's very convenient way to open websites like "github.com" by not entering full address.

    Actual result:
    Browser tries to open a local file: "file://github". What?

  • @gurupatikus
    This can be bypassed when you enter the nickname of the searchengine before the searchterm. Assuming that you assigned d as nickname for duckduckgo just type the following: d \github
    In case you haven't assigned any nickname to duckduckgo yet you can change this in Settings --> Search --> click the pencil behind the searchengine you want to change --> assign a nickname

  • Moderator

    A backslash is used in Windows local file system. Vivaldi is correct to interpret this as a file path.

  • Strange. My installation doesn't seem to do this. It just sends the search string to vivaldi. Unless it is prefaced with a drive letter, like C:, it doesnt seem to interpret that as a file address.

  • Moderator

    And you can type github and Ctrl+Enter to go to github.com.

  • Moderator

    @gurupatikus Did \github redirect to github . com ever worked in Vivaldi? Or do you want this as a feature?


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