Vivaldi Still Cannot Properly Save Links In Windows

  • It's been over a year since Vivaldi's release and it still cannot save proper page names to the Windows desktop in any version of Windows. All other 64 bit derivatives of Chrome for over nine years.

    It's not like this is some special issue based on recent build's of Chrome -- the 'New Opera' has been able to do it from get-go, to wit; if you drag and save this forum to your Windows desktop with Vivaldi you get a link named via the URL:


    The new Opera browser, and every other browser saves:

    "Home - Vivaldi Forum"

    Fairly egregious issue that people have been complaining about for over a year...

  • Moderator

    You mean desktop shortcuts?
    Yes, the title of the page is not correct added.
    A feature request is known in bugtracker as VB-18811 "Should use page title when creating desktop shortcut".

  • Yes, as I mentioned this has been a problem with Vivaldi since it was released; there was at one time several very long detailed threads about this issue, it's especially astonishing as no Chrome derivative browser but Vivaldi has this problem:

    · Chrome
    · Yandex
    · Cent
    · Opera (The "New" Chrom based Opera)
    · Slimjet
    · UC
    · Sleipnir

    To name a few have never had this issue. As this is a high utility function for people that do research and don't want to be exclusively bound to a browser's link organization scheme and may wish to use other tools -- it's has been a long deal breaker as far as utility...


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