-Experiment- PIP/Audio Icon Favicon Overlay Mod (Windows)

  • A little mod to change audio icon:

    • Change background to respect v-theme;
    • Remove transition (icon is always big);
    • Tab/PIP icon fully overlay the site favicon.

    Linux (Mint) seems to do the same without the mod, so probably is useless for penguin users 😛 (and Mac, I guess)
    Icon is not perfectly centered (noticable with UI >100%).

    Code for 2.4/2.5

    /* Bigger Audio/PIP icon */
    .tab-audio {background-color: var(--colorBgDarker);}
    #app #browser .tab-audio {transform: scale(1.24); transition: none;}

    Old codes (won't work anymore)

    #tabs-container .tab-audio .audioicon {
      color: var(--colorFgAlpha);
      background-color: var(--colorBgDarker);
      opacity: 1;
      transform: scale(.6);
    .tab-header .tab-audio {margin-right: 0px !important;}
    .acc-light .tab-audio {background-color: var(--colorBg);}
    .theme-light .tab-audio {background-color: var(--colorBg);}
    .theme-dark .tab-audio {background-color: var(--colorBg);}
    .acc-dark .tab-audio {background-color: var(--colorFgFadedMore);}

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