Hide specific extension icons/relocate icons

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    Hi there,

    Is there any way to hide specific extension icons instead of using the toggle extensions which swallows all the icons?
    Extension 1: Google Input Tools
    Extension 2: RSS Feeds
    Extension 3: Sports updates
    Extension 4: News updates
    Extension 5: Recently closed tabs
    In here, I would like to hide the extensions 1 and 2 and bring them back by clicking on the button like 'toggle extensions'. Extensions 3, 4 and 5 stay fixed.

    It would also be great if, we could drag and drop the extension icons anywhere by holding the 'shift' key (Old Opera feature).

  • Try right click on the icons, a menu should appear with also "hide button"

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    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that. Hide button is not going to help here as I am in need of the respective icons once in a while. Some functionality like the toggle extension should hide just the extensions I specify.

    "Ctrl+Shift+E - Scroll to the respective extension in the list - click on the 'show button' button - post usage - hide button with a right click" - is not going to come handy.

  • @yes.aravind What you are describing makes sense, and this was also my thinking. I put this up as feature request in past feature request threads, but the chance this gets priority is really slim.

    There is also no extension out which fulfils these requirements, and I don't think this can be achieved with a custom modification, so this is really something only the devs can solve cleanly.

    The request from 1.11: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/17488/feature-requests-for-1-11/40?page=2

    I put it up for 1.12 too now: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/20037/feature-requests-for-1-12/412?page=21

  • In retrospect, a custom modification could do this. The only problem is that you need to specify the fixed buttons, or the buttons you want to hide in javascript. For every change of the setup, the mod would have to be changed too. I could try and code this, but considering the drawbacks it might not make too much sense.

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    @luetage Does this mean that, we would need to re-add the javascript files after every update?

  • Yes, but I'm doing this already and it isn't really an issue. You only change one application file and all the mods go into another file which is just pasted into the app. There are also batch scripts out there which do this automatically.

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    @luetage That's just brilliant! This temporary patch could do it in the meantime I guess. Could you please send me a sample js file so that I could follow that and modify in the future. Please let me know the implementation procedure too. Thanks.

  • @yes.aravind https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/10549/modding-vivaldi
    Check out this post, and the according forum board. We already have a ton of modifications out there. But not this one, I need to code it first. And it won't be easy to operate, because you probably need to look up extension button titles yourself and edit them in to make it work for your specific setup -- can't really tell right now. I'm too bad at javascript to make it fully automatic, if I manage in the first place.... we will see.

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    @luetage Thanks for the link. I can just manage to work on an already finished working js. I'm not that good in coding from scratch. I'll start to go through the posts on that thread. Please let me know if the file comes out successfully. It doesn't really matter if it isn't automatic as long as it serves the purpose 🙂

  • @yes.aravind
    I too would very much like to see something like Chrome's triple dot toolbar icon which when clicked shows drop-down of either:

    A. All hidden Extension Toolbar Icons (for occasional use, instead of having to go under Settings to permanently re-show it first), OR

    B. Overflow automatically is shown in that drop-down, like with Chrome, so dynamically adjusts to window size (especially good for browser ends up on different screens with different resolutions, eg. monitor vs laptop LCD on the go).

    IMO, there isn't too much value to being able to "Hide Completely" if you can just have hidden under drop triple-dot drop-down menu by resizing the address bar (or in this case, allowing resizing search bar as well) like Chrome, which satisfies both cases that way.
    So if it comes down to having just one, then that would be preferable, though ideally could still keep the Hide permanently option too.

  • @PowerAccess Put this idea into the feature request thread. It won't get any attention from the devs here. But if this isn't in their pipeline already, the chances of this happening any time soon are non existent.

    If you follow the link from above you can see that I coded a custom extension toggle. The code could easily be changed to toggle two different sets of extension. So you would have one set on display by default, the other on display whenever you need it, by just clicking the button. If you are willing to run custom modifications I can set you up. Just tell me.


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