Fix window controls on macOS

  • Currently, if I want to use any keyboard shortcuts to control Vivaldi browser window positioning (e.g. If you use an app like Moom) I first have to switch the window to 'Full screen mode' and then back out of 'Full screen mode' in order for the window to be fully controllable.

    This makes no sense, it's a bug. I like the UI of Vivaldi over every other browser, I don't want to use the Use Native Window option so this is the crazy process I have to go through for every window I open.

    (I know it's not the same, but electron-based apps I have used on macOS have no such impediment, fyi)

  • Thanks for the hint about going in and out of full screen, it's a pain but better than nothing. This must be a tough issue to fix considering it's been around for years.

  • Thanks for the hint.
    It would be great if this issue would be fixed.
    This prevent me from using Vivaldi as my primary browser.

  • Unfortunately this is not fixed in Vivaldi 1.14.


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