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  • Opera Browser Friends Discord chat

  • @Rudric Is this spam? Are you a real person? Am i an idiot in falling for this by even bothering to make my post?

  • I love both browsers hugely! Vivaldi and Opera should try to benefit from each other - not fight 😞

  • @Rudric OK, so it appears that this particular spambot is more sophisticated than the usual run of the mill 'bots 😉

    Fortunately i cannot see the future, but here's fyi my predictions for likely outcomes to your valiant efforts to engender some love for Opera 15+ here in the V fora... i think you are going to be quite disappointed, because:

    1. Many of us here have been here since the earliest days of V becoming publicly available, & came here to use & contribute to V from a background as devoted Opera Presto users. Many of this cohort earnestly tried Opera 15+ from as soon as it was available, & stuck with it determinedly through update after update with ever-sinking heart as it became more & more obvious that 15+ was heading in a whole other direction from Opera Presto wrt functionality & philosophy. The advent of V was metaphorically a life-raft into which a cohort of drowning O users then clambered, as even the very earliest incarnations of V not only "promised", but began delivering from the start, "a browser for our friends". As V already has so richly repaid our faith, with much more still coming, it's hard to imagine any significant residual interest in current O, from this cohort.

    2. To the extent that contemporary O might have begun heading back in the right direction technically & functionally [i don't know if it has or not, wouldn't have a clue, having abandoned it in Feb 2015], at least some V users [i suggest] would be unwilling / uninterested in giving it another chance, since it was bought by a Chinese company. It's hard to the point of impossible for outsiders to know with any acceptable degree of certainty, to what extent the repressive communist state might be hands-off, or otherwise fingers-in, the private data pouring through the O pipeline, & even more especially so if any O users were to be so foolish as to use its built-in so-called VPN.

    If i am wrong & your attempts to stir up energetic supportive interest here, in O15+, then i'll learn from my error & move on.

  • I talk good & post good about Vivaldi in Twitter all the time! Hey please - this post is on off topic tech discussion - c'mon.

  • @Steffie This time Rudric posted the thread in the correct forum section. We are free to talk and discuss any browser here, be it the new Opera, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or whatever. Linking to a discord chat about another browser in this section should be fine. And if not we have moderators, who will remove the link/delete the post. Just give Rudric a break, comparing them to the chinese/indian spammers we normally get around here isn't appropriate.

  • @luetage Pls do quote me where i apparently attempted to stop the post. You can't, coz i didn't. I merely expressed a view that O probably won't get much love around here. What's your problem with that? Re Chinese govt, you need to read my words again. In no way did i make any allusion as you alleged, about the OP... my allusion is to suspicion about Opera, & its Chinese ownership. Less speed on your keyboard pls; more blood-flow to your optic nerves.

  • @Steffie said in Opera Browser Friends Discord chat:

    @Rudric Is this spam? Are you a real person? Am i an idiot in falling for this by even bothering to make my post?

    I have no problem with that, I said something similar about how it probably doesn't make sense advertising a chat for Opera on the Vivaldi Forum in the previous thread.

    But you questioned if they are a person, and this is what I criticise. That I assumed you wanted their post removed was the logical, howbeit a faulty, conclusion.

  • @luetage Yes your conclusion was incorrect. Had that been my intention i would have flagged it. I was, however, genuinely undecided if the post was real or not, hence i asked. The fact that a relevant reply was quickly forthcoming from OP absolutely removed my uncertainty wrt if bot or human... & hence the opening line of my subsequent post was mocking myself for having doubted.

    However, dear luetage, i respectfully suggest that your reply post was a bit disingenuous. Pls look at which post of mine you'd replied to... my 2nd, not my 1st. Yet when i countered your critique, you than changed horses & referred to my 1st post... to which you hitherto had not replied. Hence all of my 3rd post was predicated on assuming that you were criticising the post to which you actually replied. That's not a clear way for a discussion to proceed.

  • Yes, I'm a really bad person. My disingenuous scheme to press the wrong button was designed to backstab you. You, however, dismantled my tactless attack with superior argumentation. There is nothing left for me here but applauding your integrity and consideration, and apologizing for my wrongful behaviour. I hope you will accept, for you are the bigger person.

  • @luetage Oh come on now, that's not my intention at all. I'm not into those kinds of silly games. All i was striving to do was simply ensure that i understood you, & you me. I'm guilty of being a [retired] engineer, & forensic analysis of data & info was what i used to do. Old habits die hard. I hope you're not offended, because i did not intend that outcome; my apologies if i seemed brusque. Hugs?

  • Like many former O Users when the news broke about the Chinese buyout - I devised an exit strategy that very day.

    I'm very thankful Vivaldi came along!

    Here is another troubling thought - Apple is building a Data Center in China with government ties... 'Think What Can Go Wrong'

    I now view Opera, Apple and Microsoft as untrustworthy. Yet Another reason on a long list for going Linux ONLY. Currently using Fedora 25.

  • @640k said in Opera Browser Friends Discord chat:

    Here is another troubling thought - Apple is building a Data Center in China with government ties... 'Think What Can Go Wrong'

    Well, Apple could have made the decision to not provide any data center for its Chinese customers at all *1) and the Chinese government could have blocked all access to Apple - which already happened two or three times. The "Great Chinese Firewall" is still up, so there is not much they can do against that apart from *1).

    So the decision is: Do I want to sell stuff to Chinese customers, or not?
    If I want to sell stuff, do I want to disgruntle the Customers by not providing support and services, or not?

    Decisions like that are not only restricted to China. Try to go into the European market and try to sell services that transfer all data to the USA - depending on the privacy of data that might cause a lot of legal trouble too. Guess why e.g. Vivaldi's mail servers and login servers are not in the USA 😉

    If I don't err even the old Opera (before the new management and before the new management sold the company) built a special Mini and Turbo version for China. If you want to build something web-y for China, you have to build it in China or not built it at all.

  • China is not the only manufacturing game in town!


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