Pen commands don't work after update

  • So after delaying Vivaldi updates for so long, I decided to finally update it to the current version 1.11.917.39. I'm on a 2-in-1 convertible, Lenovo Miix 510, so I use my pen at times. Before the update, I could use my pen as a mouse just fine. However, after updating, I could no longer use the pen's left click commands, either by tapping with the pen or using the pen's left click button. Right click does fine however. Perhaps a bug? I can use all pen functions in Windows generally just fine.

  • @eufrik Maybe you should have waited a little longer. I recall reading somewhere about problems with pen operation in 1.11.


  • @luetage I'm a little embarrassed, doing a quick search slipped my mind. You're right, I should've delayed it longer 😕 It's not a major deal breaker, although it's rather annoying. And for everyone else's reference, I too am using a Wacom pen and screen. Although based on the previous posts, this seems to affect even non-Wacom devices. I do hope a fix comes up in the near future.


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