Is there a secondary address field?

  • Vivaldi has an UI-less mode when you uncheck Appearance > Show user interface.

    The problem is that I cannot find a way to access the address field in this mode. Old Opera used to have a secondary address field. Does Vivaldi have it?

    When Pale Moon is in toolbarless mode (just hide the toolbars, most crucially the navigation toolbar), the ordinary shortcuts Alt+d and Ctrl+l open up a secondary address field. Does Vivaldi have any sort of access to the address field in the UI-less mode?

  • f2 quick commands

  • You mean go to Quick commands and select Address bar there? This is non-different from turning the whole interface back on. So I guess there is no access to the address field while the browser would stay as-is, the way like old Opera worked.

  • @ersi No, he means using QC's search field as an address bar. You can even switch between your seach engines using their nicknames and access internal URLs from there.

  • @hlehyaric That's more amazing than I suspected. Thanks 🙂

  • @ersi You're welcome. When using Vivaldi UI-less, QC is a very useful tool.

  • Moderator

    To find shortcuts, try the Cheat Sheet (Ctrl+F1 is the default shortcut)

  • @ersi Same problem here. Thank you for your help.

  • Must remark though that Quick commands field is not quite the same as an address field. For example, Ctrl+Enter or Alt+Enter does not work to open in new tab.

    I have some quirky habits from textmode webbrowsers. For example, when I open a new clean tab, I want the focus to go to the address field and I want the current (last) URL be there waiting for me. Alternatively, in an active tab I want to focus on the address field with the current URL in there, modify the URL, and launch it in a new tab. These things are easily possible in the old Opera (by chaining the INI commands), but not in the current Vivaldi (in UI-less mode).

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    @ersi You can, however, in settings under "Quick Commands" set it to "open pages in new tab." Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways at the moment.


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