[Bug] Vivaldi won't open previous session after crash

  • I've been having this problem alot lately. Whenever Vivaldi crashes, I go to open it back up and it completely loses my previous session. So, I basically loose all of the work I made since that session. I'm using Vivaldi 1.11.917.39 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit. I really would appreciate it if this heckling bug gets fixed as soon as possible.

  • Which bug exactly? Why and when does vivaldi crash in first place?
    Have you checked in the trashcan if you see your previous sessions tabs and windows? Do you have "start up with last session" enabled?
    Try also disabling "continue running background apps"
    vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#background app
    When vivaldi.exe is stuck in memory, running it again acts as a new window is asked to pop up, make sure there aren't any vivaldi.exe in task manager, in that case end process and restart vivaldi.

  • The bug is when the sessions do not open after Vivaldi closes or crashes. And what trashcan? In the notes session? And yes, I do have start up with last session enabled.

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    @NovaViper The trash can is at the end of the Tab bar. It will usually have the last session's (or maybe the last two sessions') tabs in it.

  • Huh, I didn't even notice that thing, lol. I'll see if anything is there when it crashes again

  • @Ayespy It froze this time when I was scrolling through a website, so I force-closed Vivaldi

    I finally got it to crash again, and the session didn't show up in the trash can, only the ones that I had closed manually. The only way I can recover my sessions is using Session Buddy.. but this should be fixed still

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    @NovaViper Interesting that you can get it to crash. I can't. A crash DOES most of the time prevent session saving.

    It should not be crashing. Are you running extensions or system-wide modification software that could contribute to a crash? Are you going to websites that run insanely weird scripts? What can you think of that would explain how you can get it to crash on your system, and I can't?

  • @Ayespy I'm using extensions and some user scripts with Tampermonkey, like the reddit themes script and Iridum (formally called Youtube Plus). And the crashes happen at random, I'll just be looking at youtube or scrolling a page, or even opening a link from inside an app on my computer; and Vivaldi would completely freeze and crash.

  • No wonder then, try disabling ALL extensions and scripts until you find what is causing you the crashes. You are using something that make Vivaldi crash.

  • @iAN-CooG I don't have that many extensions and scripts running, even with them off Vivaldi still crashes when opening links

  • Too bad but it's not the number that matters, it takes one wrong extension or javascript to break everything. Can you link some of the urls you're trying with and Vivaldi crashes?
    You also said "opening a link from inside an app on my computer"
    which app exactly?

  • @iAN-CooG
    Like I said, the crashes happen at random. I usually have about 15 tabs open (10 of them are hibernated). I think they happen whenever I'm on Youtube, but it's very random when it crashes

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    @NovaViper Most likely culprit then is Iridium+YouTube.

  • @Ayespy Maybe.. I'll send this over to the developer of Iridium and see what he spots.

    And speaking of extensions, this one isn't related to the crashes but there's this app extension, Pulse, that doesn't work at all on Vivaldi. It just comes up blank. The developer said that this was something on Vivaldi's side.

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    @NovaViper Vivaldi's architecture is different from that of other browsers. It is this unique architecture which makes it as configurable and fast-to-develop as it is, and also makes it not "just another Chrome clone." Unfortunately, this architecture can also make it incompatible with some extensions - and in order to cure that, it sometimes requires case-by-case coding to make it work with this or that extension which is in wide use by the user community. Obviously, with the millions of extensions there are, it's not practical to do this for everything.

    So, yes, it will be "Vivaldi's fault" that it doesn't work (or even crashes) with certain extensions, and the solution for that for now is, report the incompatibility, and don't use those extensions - at least, if you want all the other traits of Vivaldi, which are only possible for the same reasons certain extensions don't work.

  • @Ayespy I see. But from what the developer is saying, it's something with the permissions, as another forum on the Vivaldi forums have noted.

  • Welp, I did manage to spot Tampermonkey may have contributed to the problem. I removed that extension and switched to ViolentMonkey. Youtube seems to load MUCH faster with the Iridium extension now. And the developer of Iridium did say that Tampermonkey may have been causing problems with Vivaldi because of the way it loads scripts. I'm still stress testing the other extensions

  • Sigh Sorry for having to bump it but it still crashes, I've turned all of the extensions, but I still get the crashing. I'm not sure what's going on

  • @novaviper Unfortunately, turning extensions off may not be enough.
    As a test, rename your Vivaldi Default folder and see if it still crashes for you with a fresh profile (you can always rename back after testing)
    see https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/10388/refreshing-or-cleaning-your-profile

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